Information for Students

1) If you're thinking about pursuing private tutoring, it would be best to contact me at LEAST two to three months before the test/date you are planning to take the test so that you get good value and truly benefit from the tutoring sessions.  If you're looking for private tutoring in one subject area, please get in touch with me at least six weeks before the test/date. The reason I suggest that students contact me well in advance is because tutoring sessions take place once a week and the 8 session minimum needs to be fulfilled (8 sessions minimum is what I have found best for students to make solid improvements). I do not like to cram more than one session in a week (unless it's a makeup) because I do not feel that students will get full value or improve by cramming in sessions this way. I assign homework after every session and I expect that it is 100% complete before the next session. I like to allow ample time (especially during the school year) for students to get their SAT homework done between sessions.

2) Make sure to bring your PSAT scores, previous SAT scores and results or any diagnostics you have taken to the first session. This will help me understand your strengths and weaknesses and we will go from there.

3) Make sure you are rested enough and awake for each session. You need to be fully awake and alert during the sessions so that you can benefit from them. If you are unable to keep up with the homework I assign at the sessions and/or are having trouble staying alert, I would be happy to talk with you and/or your parents/caretakers about how things can change so that you the student can feel less stressed and overwhelmed and more alert in general.

4) If you have certain conditions that you need to have satisfied so that you can focus during the sessions, please let me know. For example, if you cannot study with any noise, I will make sure that there will be no noise around us during the sessions. At the same time, if you are someone who has an easier time focusing when there is noise around you, such as in a cafe, I will accommodate your needs in this way. Please note: I do not meet at students' homes. We will meet in a location that works for everyone.

5) I have a one page contract that everyone signs (the student, parents/guardians and me, the tutor) before we begin so that everyone's expectations around the tutoring process are clear. Please know that teaching is something that I absolutely love and I enjoy providing educational and mentor support. Throughout the process, you can email me or call me anytime with questions or thoughts that you have.

Thank you. If you have any other questions, please feel free to email me at asoitutoring@gmail.com.

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